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November 13
Built to Change – Adaptive Leadership in the Congregation with Rev. Dr. Kara Markell

Adaptive Leadership is an approach to making progress on the most important challenges we face as Church.  Adaptive leaders are able to move beyond quick-fix problem solving, to diagnosis of adaptive challenges, and the nurture of adaptive capacity in your organization.  For so long we viewed the Church through the built-to-last mindset.  Adaptive leaders can shift their congregation to a Built-to-change mindset.

We will review the characteristics of adaptive change, and deepen our understanding of the characteristics and skills of an adaptive leader.  We’ll explore how to nurture adaptive capacity through faith formation and worship.  And we’ll learn how to study scripture through an adaptive change lens.

This workshop is intentionally designed for pastors and congregational leaders who have a basic knowledge of adaptive change principles and want to go deeper in learning how to lead a congregation into and through adaptive change.  A significant portion of the sessions will be spent in small working groups.

December 11
Welcome to Sabbath! Um, what is Sabbath? with with Jennie Isbell Shinn, M.A., M.Div.

Are you longing for soul-deep rest that actually restores? Or to re-connect with a sense of your daily life as a walk with God? Do you wonder: Is Sabbath a gift or a commandment? A rhythm or a discipline? Is it defined by the things we do, or by the things we abstain from? Bring your journal and your sense of wonder to a quiet space where you can join with others holding these same longings, and more. Together, we’ll practice— and explore— the sacred and recurring invitation to rest with God. Drawing on scripture and other writings, we will use reflective journal prompts, small group sharing, guided imagery and the practice of wonder to re-imagine and re-connect to the life-giving practice of Sabbath. Ours is a God who invites. Might this Advent season be a good time to say yes to more time with God?

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