Summer Camp Director Report

Please complete the following report which includes a basic overview of camp staff and camper attendance, an expense/reimbursement report, and a section where you can upload scans of any hand-completed records from the event.

General Camp Information

Identify the camp this report references.
(Include those who did not completed the camp as scheduled.)
Names and dates of those campers who went home early for planned or unplanned reasons. Describe reason where possible (illness, family plans, etc).
No-shows or day-of cancellations of registered campers.

Event Staff

Please name all directors, co-directors, counselors, CIT's, or other volunteers who attended/interacted with this event. You do NOT need to include those named above in the Director and Co-Director fields.

Expense Report

For all camp purchases, please record the date of the expense, a description (such as craft supplies, canteen stock, or photos), and the total. Receipts must be included. Use the upload area below to add a PDF or JPG of scanned/photographed receipts. You may also email the image(s) to Amber Saladino at the Regional Office (

Other Event Reports

Please use these upload options to include scans or photographs of any data recorded by hand during the event. This can include First Aid/Medicine reports, Incident Logs, or other notes.
As might have been provided to staff or developed for director use. Details helpful- these are kept for a variety of reasons including examples for future new directors.
Please share any final notes or clarifications about information shared above.