You have accessed the recording and resources for the July 10th Second Saturdays to Shine event, “The Use of Story in Congregational Settings” with Rev. Rebecca Anderson.


The event recording is embedded below, or you may view it directly on YouTube. For your convenience, the event is divided into two sessions.

Going Deeper Resources

To listen:

  • To more stories. Listen to The Moth on the radio or podcast
  • To learn about this kind of storytelling: Speak Up, a podcast I find very irritating but useful. Matthew Dicks is a (sometimes irritating) master. Maybe try his books instead? (note to self) “Story forensics” episodes are the most useful to me.

To read:

  • Rev. Rebecca Anderson blog entries on:
    • “Building a story: getting started”
    • “Nitty-gritty story tips”
    • How to invite storytellers to prepare for your event or service
  • On the psychology and benefits of storytelling: Dan P. McAdams The Stories We Live By and others.
    On the craft of stories: Long Story Short by Margot Leitman
  • On how short stories work and what they do (big overlap with storytelling and preaching, if some necessary divergence): A Swim in a Pond in the Rain by George Saunders. I found this to be life-changing. Hugely helpful articulations.

To do:

  • Google “storytelling” in your area and go listen. Go tell a story. I mean it. Take your business cards with you, so when people come up to you afterward and say, “Did you say you’re a pastor?” you can give them one.
  • Reach out to me at to talk about kicking something off in your own area/town/congregation. I travel and teach this stuff, y’know!

 Additional resources from Rebecca: