The Regional Youth Commission (RYC) provides leadership opportunities for youth within the Northern Lights Region, from 10th to 12th grade, to gain experience in worship, discipleship, and ministry planning. This primarily occurs throughout the fall and culminates with their planning and leadership at the annual Winter Retreat.

The RYC provides a wonderful opportunity for youth affiliated with Christian Churches in the Northern Lights Region to deepen their faith by serving in a variety of ministerial roles at regional youth and other denominational events. God’s call to minister to neighbor and stranger is an important expression of every Disciple’s full participation in the body of Christ. The recognition of one’s ability to minister is life transforming to minister and ministered.

Applications for the next RYC season are made available beginning at the annual Winter Retreat.  You can find links here or in the Ministries menu above.  If you need a paper version of the application, please contact the Regional Office.