July 2020
On Sabbatical all month
June 2020
1Vacation Day
21:1 Staff Meeting
Congregational Pastors Meeting
Judicatory “lunch” with Spokane area execs
In-care meeting with ordination candidate
7Worship with Central Christian, Great Falls, MT
In-care meeting with ordination candidate
9Congregational Pastors Meeting
DHM Nominating Committee
Chaplains’ Gathering
14Worship with regional congregations (TBD)
16Congregational Pastors Meeting
21Worship with regional congregations (TBD)
23Congregational Pastors Meeting
25CRM Exec
26-27Commission on Ministry
28Worship with FCC Puyallup, WA, Lake Washington CC, Kirkland, WA
May 2020
3Worship with Central, Great Falls, MT and FCC, Olympia, WA
4Tahoma Area Clergy, CRM
5Congregational Pastors Meeting
Judicatory “lunch” with Spokane area execs
6DHM Exec. Committee
7DSF Board Meeting
Fireside Chat
10Worship with Northwest United Protestant, Richland, WA
Meeting with Journey CC, Seattle, WA
12DHM Personnel Committee
Congregational Pastors Meeting
Northern Lights Chaplains Gathering
14Salish Sea Area Clergy
DHM Exec. Committee
Fireside Chat
15Meeting with New Church Pastors
16Gwinwood Board Meeting
17Worship with FCC, Helena, MT and FCC, Anchorage, AK
XPLOR Residents Send Off
Regional Board Meeting
18DOC talks re: reopening church buildings
Montana Judicatory Execs
19Congregational Pastors Meeting
Meeting with New Church Pastors
Pastoral Relations Committee
21DHM Exec. Committee
Fireside Chat
24Family weekend
25Memorial Day (Office Closed)
26DHM Board Meeting
Congregational Pastors Meeting
All Staff Meeting
Chaplains’ Gathering
27Trauma Informed Ministry Webinar
28CRM Exec. Committee
Meeting with Country Homes Search Committee
Fireside Chat
31Worship with Central Christian, Great Falls, MT
April 2020
1Western Regions in Ministry Regional Ministers
Montana Judicatory Execs
Northern Lights Chaplains Gathering
2All Staff Meeting
Salish Sea Active Pastors
Faith Action Network Judicatory Leaders
Port Angeles Search Committee via conference call
Fireside Chat
5Worship with Central Christian, Great Falls, MT, Missiongathering, Issaquah WA, United Church, Moscow, ID
Puyallup FCC Search Committee
7Disciples Home Missions board meeting
Congregational Pastors Meeting
Spokane Judicatory “Lunch”
Earth Sunday Worship Planning Team
8Finance Team
9DHM Nominating Committee
12Worship with FCC, Helena, MT and Kennewick Christian, Kennewick, WA
14Congregational Pastors Meeting
DHM Exec Committee
15DHM Staff Meeting
Northern Lights Chaplains Gathering
16Columbia Area Pastors Gathering
Fireside Chat
19Worship with FCC Missoula, MT, FCC Mount Vernon, WA
20DHM Exec
Call with Rod Witte, Pension Fund
Northern Lights Exec Committee
21Congregational Pastors Meeting
22All Staff Meeting
MT Judicatory Execs
NBA conversation
In-care meeting with ordination candidate
23DHM Exec
CRM Exec
Fireside Chat
XPLOR Meeting
24DHM Board Meeting
26Worship with Central Christian, Kalispell, MT, FCC, Puyallup, WA, Opportunity Christian, Spokane, WA
28Congregational Pastors Meeting
Northern Lights Chaplains Gathering
30MT Clergy Spiritual Discernment Webinar
Fireside Chat
March 2020
1Worship with FCC, Puyallup
Meeting with East Side CC, Tacoma
New Church Team via Zoom
2Travel to Chicago
4Clergy Healthy Boundary Training “Train the Trainer”
7Meeting with New Church Planter, Spokane
8Worship with Journey CC, Seattle, WA
13-15Winter Retreat, Cle Elum, WA
18All Staff Meeting via Zoom
19Columbia Area Clergy via Zoom
20-21Commission on Ministry, Spokane, WA
23Executive Committee meeting via Zoom
24Pastoral Relations Committee via Zoom
29Worship with Tahoma Area congregation(TBD)
30-Apr. 1WRIM gathering, Denver, CO
February 2020
3CRM Tech Committee via Zoom
6Turner Lectures Conversation via Zoom
Staff meeting 1:1
9Worship with FCC, Olympia
Meeting with candidate for ordination
Regional Board via Zoom
10Tahoma Area clergy luncheon
11Meeting with Jerry Lang, CCF
Conference call with Grand Ave, Bozeman Elders
13Columbia River Area Clergy via Zoom
16Central Christian, Great Falls Elders via Zoom
18Call with Personnel Chair
Finance Team meeting via Zoom
19All Staff Meeting via Zoom
Winter Talk Planning meeting via Zoom
20Regional Assembly planning via Zoom
22-25General Board, Indianapolis, IN
25-27College of Regional Ministers, Indianapolis, IN
25DHM Personnel meeting via Zoom
January 2020
2Columbia Area Clergy, Spokane
6Meeting with Terrell McTyer via Zoom, XPLOR meeting, Spokane
7Regional Assembly Planning via Zoom
8Staff meeting via Zoom
Meeting with DHM Personnel via Zoom
9Salish Sea Area Clergy, Kirkland, WA
11Represent WRIM at Hartley Installation, Mesa, AZ
12Family Weekend
13Korean Convocation, Kent, WA
16Regional Assembly planning via Zoom
20Executive Committee via Zoom
21Meeting with Rosario Ibarra, DCEF
22All Staff Meeting via Zoom
23Turner Lectures Planning via Zoom
25-29Bozeman, Mt
26Worship with Grand Ave, Bozeman and meeting with leadership
27Big Sky Area clergy luncheon
28MAC Board Retreat, Bozeman
29MAC Judicatory Exec. Retreat, Bozeman