(Meetings held via Zoom or phone unless noted due to COVID-19 stay safe practices.)

Aug. 15-Oct. 15 – Sandy on sabbatical
August 2021
1Preach, FCC Missoula, MT
Meet with FCC Sumner leadership via Zoom
3Congregational Pastors Gathering
4Meeting with Acting Regional Minister
Staff meeting
7All Church Virtual Gathering
8Preach, North Hill Spokane
9Youth Ministries Conversation Group
10Congregational Pastors Gathering
Pension Fund Presentation
Chaplains Gathering
11Staff Meeting
College of Regional Ministers
12Salish Sea Area Active clergy
July 2021
5Office closed
6Congregational Pastors Gathering
7Staff meeting
8Salish Sea Area Active Clergy gathering
10Second Saturdays
11In-care meeting with ordination candidate
12Travel to Olympia, visit Gwinwood
13Congregational Pastors Gathering
14Staff Meeting
College of Regional Ministers
Gwinwood Board
15UcCan/DOC Reconciliation of Ministers Team
Meeting with RA Planning chairs
17Travel to Great Falls
18Preach Central Christian, Great Falls
Gloria Soja ordination, Helena
19Visit Cane Ridge West camp
20Travel home
21Staff meeting
25Preach FCC Sumner, WA
Installation for Doug Collins, FCC Tacoma
27Transformation Team
Congregational Pastors Gathering
Journey CC Search Committee
28Staff meeting
College of Regional Ministers
29DSF Board Meeting Orientation
Regional Assembly Planning meeting
June 2021
1- 5Vacation
6Present Honored Minister’s Pin to Jim Burford, Emmanuel Pres. Spokane
Installation for Jason Jones, Country Homes CC, Spokane, WA
Regional Board meeting via Zoom
7Meetings with Pastors
8Congregational Pastors Gathering
Chaplains Gathering
9Staff Meeting
UCCan/DOC Recognition of Ministers Team
Meeting with new church planter
10Salish Sea Area Clergy
Fireside Chat
12Second Saturdays
13Online worship with congregation (TBD)
15DSF Exec. Committee
Congregational Pastors Gathering
16All Staff Meeting
Faith Action Network meeting
College of Regional Ministers
Dinner with Eastern Washington Judicatory Execs
17DSF Board
New Church Team
20Travel to Yakima, preach at Englewood CC
22Congregational Pastors Gathering
23Staff Meeting
25-26Commission on Ministry Meeting via Zoom
27Roger Lynn Retirement, Helena, MT
29Congregational Pastors Gathering
30- July 4Vacation
May 2021
3Meeting with pastors
UCCanada/DOC Minister Recognition Team
4Congregational Pastors Gathering
5Staff Meeting
Finance Team
6Disciples Seminary Foundation Board meeting
7Disciples Seminary Foundation Board meeting
8Second Saturdays to Shine
9Preach for FCC, Tacoma, WA
10Meet with GM staff regarding mission co-workers
11Congregational Pastors Gathering
Chaplains Gathering
12All Staff Meeting
Gwinwood Board
13Meet with Rosario Ibarra, DCEF
Salish Sea Area Congregational Pastors Group
Fireside Chat
14Travel to Olympia – records work at storage unit
15Work day at Gwinwood
16Colombia Partnership Information Session
17UcCan partnership meeting
FCC Puyallup Search Committee
18Congregational Pastors Gathering
Training for Response Team
19College of Regional Ministers
Ordination Service Planning for Gloria Soja
24STM Endowment meeting
Conversation with New Church Planter
Englewood Yakima Search Committee
Journey CC Search Committee
25Transformation Team
Congregational Pastors Group
New Church Team Meeting
26Staff Meeting
30World Café with Journey CC (via Zoom)
April 2021
2Office Closed for Good Friday
4Easter Worship online with FCC, Bellingham, WA
6Congregational Pastors Gathering
Eastern WA Judicatory Execs
7Staff Meeting
College of Regional Ministers
8Tahoma/Salish Sea Area Clergy
Fireside Chat
10-13 General Board (online)
10Second Saturdays to Shine
11Regional Worship Service (pre-recorded)
Executive Committee
12Great Falls Search Committee
13Congregational Pastors Gathering
Chaplains Gathering
14All Staff Meeting
Gwinwood Board
15Columbia Area Clergy
17Oregon and SW Idaho Women’s Retreat
18Online worship with Journey CC, Seattle, WA
New Church Team
20Congregational Pastors Gathering
25In-person worship with FCC, Mount Vernon, WA
27Montana Assoc of Christians Council
Transformation Team
Congregational Pastors Gathering
28DHM Exec Committee
Staff Meeting
30DHM Board Meeting
March 2021
2Congregational Pastors Gathering
Eastern Wa Judicatory Lunch
Planning team for April 11 worship
In-care meeting for ordination candidate
4Western Washington Judicatory Executives
9Congregational Pastors Gathering
Meeting with John Goebel – Treasury Services
Chaplains Gathering
10All Staff Meeting
College of Regional Ministers
Gwinwood Board Meeting
11Salish Sea Area Congregational Pastors
Fireside Chat
13Second Saturdays to Shine
14FCC Puyallup Search Committee
15DHM Exec Committee
17Staff Meeting
Faith Action Network Meeting
College of Regional Ministers
18Columbia Area Clergy Gathering
Northwest CC Search Committee
19-20Commission on Ministry
21Online worship with FCC, Clarkston, WA
Meeting with FCC, Mount Vernon Leadership
23Transformation Team
Congregational Pastors Gathering
Tri-Region Area Leadership Team
24Staff Meeting
College of Regional Ministers
25Meet with Rick Reisinger, DCEF
Northwest CC Search Committee
28Online worship with FCC, Mount Vernon
30Congregational Pastors Gathering
31Staff Meeting
February 2021
2Finance Team
DHM Exec Committee
Congregational Pastors Gathering
4Pension Fund Webinar
Western WA Judicatory Gathering
7Online worship with Central Christian, Great Falls MT
In-care meeting with ordination candidate
8FAN meeting with Governor Inslee
Search Committee Central Christian, Great Falls, MT
9Congregational Pastors Gathering
Chaplains’ group
10College of Regional Ministers
11Salish Sea Area Congregational Pastors
Fireside Chat
13Second Saturdays to Shine
14Online worship with All Pilgrims CC, Seattle, WA
16Congregational Pastors Gathering
18Columbia Area Clergy Gathering
21In-care meeting with Ordination Candidate
23Transformation Team
Congregational Pastors Gathering
24Staff meeting
College of Regional Ministers
25UCCan/DOC Reconciliation of Ministers Team
27Leading Healthy Boundary training for Oregon and SW Idaho Region
January 2021
5Congregational Pastors Gathering
Eastern Washington Judicatory Execs
6FCC Tacoma Search Committee
7Northwest CC Search Committee
9Second Saturdays to Shine: Adaptive Change
11Central, Great Falls Search Committee
12Congregational Pastors Gathering
Chaplains Gathering
13College of Regional Ministers
Montana Assoc of Christians Council
14Salish Sea/Tahoma Area Clergy
Fireside Chat
17Online Worship with Central Christian, Billings
Online Worship with FCC, Bellingham
19Transformation Team
Congregational Pastors Gathering
20All Staff Meeting
21Columbia Area Clergy
Exec. Committee Meeting
Journey CC Search Committee
24Online worship with FCC, Kent
26Congregational Pastors Gathering
Pastoral Relations Committee Meeting
27Consult with Regional Minister
UCCCan/DOC Ministry Team
College of Regional Ministers
XPLOR Meeting
28Northwest Christian Search Committee
30Eastern Washington Legislative Conference
31Online worship with congregation (TBD)