In November of 2020, the Youth and Children’s Ministries team hosted the first Virtual Youth Group gathering.  Participation was strong and there’s excitement for growing this event!  Continuing through the school year, there will be a virtual regional youth group meeting on the last Sunday of each month starting at 6 pm PST via Zoom. This is a chance for our youth to come together in fellowship and spiritual growth. As topics for discussion arise, leaders will be recruited to lead the themes. We are using the breakout rooms feature to allow for various age groups to gather together in age-appropriate discussion and activities.

Upcoming Youth Group Dates


  • December 27


  • January 31
  • February 28
  • March 28
  • April 25
  • May 30
  • June 27

All youth group meet ups start at 6 pm (Pacific). A zoom link will be sent out to church offices and participants in the week leading up to our gatherings.

Get Connected

Please let the Regional Office know if you or your youth are interested so you are included when the link is shared.

Youth attending should have a parent, church youth leader, or another appropriate adult leader be present during these gatherings.

Please reply to if we can expect to see you and/or your youth at Virtual Youth Group!