Major Medical Incident Report

Please use this form in cases where more than basic First Aid was required to resolve health complaint or injury. This can include concussions, allergic reactions, hospital trips, etc. These details can be used for future reference, follow up with parents/guardians, and/or communication with insurance companies. Thank you for being thorough.
Example: Camper fell while playing soccer in the upper field at free time. Camper friends X, Y, and Z carried injured camper back to the lodge for examination.
Example: Attempted First Aid of ice and elevation and administered OTC Advil. Swelling and pain continued. Emergency Contact agreed Urgent Care visit was warranted and camper was transported by Adults X and Y. Examination and X-ray show no fracture, bad sprain. Parent/Guardian and camper elect to continue attending event with proper medical support (ice, pain relievers, support bandage) and modified activities.
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If available, please scan any paperwork or reports received at the time of Urgent Care/Hospital treatment.
Please use this area to add any other commentary you think is helpful for the records.