Thank you for your thoughtful stewardship.

Please use the following information to review the ways you can designate your contribution and use the form below to make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation.

Northern Lights Disciples Annual Fund

Individual contributions to the Annual Fund are a key piece of the funding of the ministry we do together as the Northern Lights Region: re-visioned, relevant, and vital ministries.  Your gifts and ongoing support of regional ministry this year, and every year, is deeply valued.

Lane Salmon Clergy Assistance and Clergy Scholarship Funds

Funds are available to ministers and their families for special needs arising from unexpected/emergency expenses and to provide a limited resource for ministry-related programs, classes, and/or workshops.

Lane-Salmon and Clergy Scholarship Funds come from the Regional policy of receiving offerings at all Clergy Ordination and Installation services in the Region.  Designated gifts are also received from individuals and congregations through the year.  Donations are divided equally between the Funds.