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Are you new to the Region?

As you complete your move to the Northern Lights Region, take a few minutes to complete this form and let us help you keep your Standing current.


Please have your last Region's office send a letter (hard copy or email) that affirms your good standing until your relocation.


Have your ordination date and dates/locations/host of your last Clergy Healthy Boundaries training and Anti-Racism training handy. If you don't have exact information available, please give approximations and note that you will correct them when possible.


In keeping with The Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), regions are responsible for reviewing and certifying the Ministerial Standing of all ordained and licensed Disciples clergy each year who live in their area. When your Standing is acknowledged by the region, your name is listed in the official Year Book and Directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for the ensuing year. It is important to know that the Year Book is the primary document the IRS uses to verify ministerial standing; and thus, your eligibility for housing allowance exclusions. Another key value – you cannot enter Search and Call without Standing. Standing reflects your being “accountable to and up-to-date with” the required denominational criteria for maintaining your ecclesiastical certification.


The following questions are detailed but with purpose. Please complete the form as accurately as possible. Many of the questions are directly related to those the Northern Lights Region are asked to provide to the Office of Search and Call (who keeps minister records) when your standing is transferred between regions. The more complete and accurate your replies are here, the more complete and accurate your records at the national office will be. Thank you!


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