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  • Fees are $5 per family or $20 per congregation.

  • Donations may also be made by those wishing to support the program and the region will divide any excess donation money (funds received after the program costs are covered) to our partners at Gwinwood and Cane Ridge West.

One Camp – Many Spaces

As summer has officially started, many of you are wondering about what camp will look like this summer in an era of COVID19. Out of an abundance of caution we decided back in May to cancel all region sponsored in person camps and instead offer an alternative. Once again, it has taken many conversations and meetings to come to what that alternative will look like.

On July 27th-31st at 5pm AKDT, 6pm PDT, 7pm MDT we will be gathering visually from wherever your community feels comfortable. For some this may involve gathering your youth and children at the church, while others may gather individually with their families from home. This camp format is for all ages to come and celebrate the ways in which we gather in prayer, and seek after God.

As we gather virtually (via zoom) there will be time for re-connecting with old camp friends and making new ones. There will also be time for us to share in camp songs, and activities. In addition to gathering by zoom there will be resources available to you wherever you are gathered. These resources will include a keynote based on the scripture for the day, and activities that you can do at home or in your local gatherings.

It is our hope that as we have camp together from many spaces we can come together and explore the many ways in which we pray, and seek connection even when we are not able to gather at our usual camp locations.

As you register for camp this summer you will have two options.

  1. To register as an individual.
  2. To register as a church.

Which ever way you register you will be given access to the One Camp – Many Spaces camp portal where you will fine access to the Zoom link for each day, resources and material lists for activities you can choose from, and the daily keynote all using the “This is Our Prayer” curriculum.

Peace in Christ,

Chris Snow
Youth and Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Northern Lights Region

“Camp always makes me feel closer to God. You can be whoever you want to be and no one’s going to judge you.”

“I love camp since it has supported me through the bad times and celebrated with me in the good times. It has allowed me to make new friends and reunite with old friends.”

“I go to camp because after my first year going it held a special place in my heart. You all come as strangers but sooner than you could ever imagine it becomes another family. I’m able to be who I really am, not some image of what people believe I am. I can come with whatever problems are occurring and let them go and feel amazing. And with all the amazing memories and friends I’ve made through this experience I feel truly blessed.”

“Outdoor Ministries has been, more than any other facet of the church, the cornerstone and foundation of my faith since my first year of Junior Camp in 1989. 23 years later, I’m still connected to my faith through the DOC church camp programs. As a camper, I formed life-long friendships, and as a counselor I have had the change to come full circle and help build relationships with the campers, the same way that the adults did when I was a camper. That feeling, growth, and rewards has never been replicated by any other experience.”

“Camp gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and grow in your walk with God.”

Camp makes a lasting impression!

Each year, generations of campers and volunteers gather at locations across the Northern Lights Region to engage their faith, relax in the safety of a judgement-free zone, and watch in wonder as everyone gives and receives the good news message of Christ.  These testimonials are just a taste of what camp means to our participants and the volunteers who give so graciously of their time to lead the camper.

COVID-19 Questions and Concerns

Regional Camps Update
May 20, 2020

I know that many of you are already looking forward to summer plans, as our communities are starting to open back up, and you may already be thinking about church camp. After much deliberation and conversations, the regional board with a unanimous vote affirmed my recommendation to cancel our overnight camps for this summer.

This was not an easy decision to make, but it is our intention that whenever we gather as a region, we do so with the safety of all at the forefront of our minds. With too many variables and the need for added precautions in place for us to gather, made it clear that we could not be confident that everyone would be safe at camp, or those communities to which our participants would return.
Along with the health concerns we have started to notice that recruiting volunteers for this summer was going to be more difficult than usual because of those with additional health risks and uncertainty around their work schedules, caused some of our volunteers and directors to decline to staff an in-person camp.

While we do not know where our communities will be come July, now is the time to make the difficult decisions as we also make arrangements and plans for alternatives. The Youth and Children’s Ministry team and camp directors will be meeting soon to discuss our options for this summer and how we can continue to serve our regional youth and children.

Some of the options that have been brought up are a virtual camp format, a camp day organized in our local communities, or a end of summer day camp at our facilities. Each of these ideas do pose their own set of challenges as well as their advantages. Our hope is to provide a way in which we can continue to celebrate our Creator and our camping communities even though it may look different.

I am reaching out to our facilities to work with them on how we as a region can help them through this time. We recognize that the loss of our regular camps for this summer poses financial challenges for each facility and we want to continue to support Cane Ridge West and Gwinwood in this time. One idea that is being worked on, is to promote a camp in a box fundraiser. This will require volunteers to help bring together items that reflect the essence of camp, and send them out to households, churches, and camp alumni who want a piece of camp at home this summer.

If you would like to discuss with me more about this decision or to offer your help as we move forward I would welcome to hear from you-

Peace in Christ,
Rev. Chris Snow
Youth and Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Northern Lights Region Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

2019 Summer Camp Season Memories