Join us September 3-6, 2021

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Unplug and Unwind

Join the Big Sky Area of the Northern Lights Region as the iCamp tradition continues!  Individuals and families are invited to attend this unique camp event at Cane Ridge West.  Enjoy campfire, discussion groups, kids activities, nature walks, and more over the long weekend.  This year’s program features examination and conversation around the book, “Disciples: Who We Are and What Holds us Together” by Michael Kinnamon and Jan Linn.  Michael Kinnamon will also join us for a talk via Zoom!  Mathew Goodrich will be leading small group discussions.

From the book jacket:

“What does it mean to be part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)? A denomination that intentionally unites Christians who have different ideas about what it means to be Christian is bound to struggle to agree on its core values and beliefs — but respected Disciples Michael Kinnamon and Jan Linn believe unity is possible through reforming worship, relationships, and mission. A timely update of their landmark book, Disciples identifies common ground and continues the conversation started by Stone and Campbell two centuries ago on the American frontier.”

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“Camp always makes me feel closer to God. You can be whoever you want to be and no one’s going to judge you.”

“I love camp since it has supported me through the bad times and celebrated with me in the good times. It has allowed me to make new friends and reunite with old friends.”

“I go to camp because after my first year going it held a special place in my heart. You all come as strangers but sooner than you could ever imagine it becomes another family. I’m able to be who I really am, not some image of what people believe I am. I can come with whatever problems are occurring and let them go and feel amazing. And with all the amazing memories and friends I’ve made through this experience I feel truly blessed.”

“Outdoor Ministries has been, more than any other facet of the church, the cornerstone and foundation of my faith since my first year of Junior Camp in 1989. 23 years later, I’m still connected to my faith through the DOC church camp programs. As a camper, I formed life-long friendships, and as a counselor I have had the change to come full circle and help build relationships with the campers, the same way that the adults did when I was a camper. That feeling, growth, and rewards has never been replicated by any other experience.”

“Camp gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and grow in your walk with God.”

Camp makes a lasting impression!

Each year, generations of campers and volunteers gather at locations across the Northern Lights Region to engage their faith, relax in the safety of a judgement-free zone, and watch in wonder as everyone gives and receives the good news message of Christ.  These testimonials are just a taste of what camp means to our participants and the volunteers who give so graciously of their time to lead the camper.

2019 Summer Camp Season Memories