Join us this July for Summer Camps!


The summer camp season is fast approaching and our Outdoor Ministries Team is hard at work planning a fun, faith-filled camping experience for our regional children and youth. Our theme will be “What’s in a Name?”

During the camp experience, we will look at “how people of the Bible confronted expectations, confounded others’ assumptions and forged new identities.” Campers will have the opportunity to explore their identities and how they are connected to others in a safe and sacred space.


Deadlines for all camps are two weeks prior to camp start date.
Camps will be held at both of our Disciples connected campgrounds:

Gwinwood Retreat Center – Lacey, WA
July 25-28 – Kids Camp (Entering Grades 2-3) (Mon 11 am-Thurs 11 am) $175
July 25-30 – Junior Camp (Entering Grades 4-5) (Mon 11 am-Sat 11 am) $250
July 25-30 – ChiRho/CYF (Entering Grades 6-HS Grad) (Mon 11 am-Sat 11 am) $250

Cane Ridge West – Lincoln, MT
July 8-10 – GMPK Camp (Entering Grades 1-3 w/ parent/grandparent/guardian) (Fri eve-Sun am) $100
July 11-16 – Kids Camp (Entering Grades 2-3) (Mon 11 am-Sat 11 am) $250
July 11-16 – Junior Camp (Entering Grades 4-5) (Mon 11 am-Sat 11 am) $250
July 18-23 – ChiRho/CYF (Entering Grade 6-HS Grad) (Mon 11 am-Sat 11 am) $250

CRW Optional Sunday Night Lodging:
For those traveling distances to Cane Ridge West and needing to arrive on Sunday evening prior to the start of camp on Monday morning, there is an option for lodging at the camp. The cost is $25 (the amount CRW charges/person/day).
Campers must have a parent/guardian or designated adult stay overnight with them and be responsible for them until camp begins. No meals are provided. Campers can indicate this choice on the registration forms.
Adults not staying for camp can mail payment to the regional office prior to camp:
Northern Lights Region
4227 S Meridian, #C615
Puyallup, WA 98373

Camp scholarships may be available.
Contact your pastor for more information.

Summer Camp Scholarships: The Northern Lights Region is happy to offer a limited number of scholarships up to 1/2 off the registration cost. Please contact your church/pastor to have your camper’s name included in the requests. These scholarships are made possible by legacy gifts from former congregations who continue to support our camping program year after year.

Print materials available for congregations: