We Value…

  • Our identity as Disciples of Christ, including our shared history and traditions.
  • A spiritual life that is God-centered, Jesus-led, and Spirit-filled.
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to the new thing God is calling us to do and be.
  • Diversity and inclusion in recognition of God’s love for and welcome of all people.
  • Ministries of justice and compassion, both locally and globally.
  • The practice of responsible stewardship of time, talent and treasure.
  • The development of strong relationships and connections among individual believers, congregations, denominations and faith communities.
  • Sustainability and excellence in our structures and practices.

 The Two-fold Regional Church Mission

  1. To gather as a community of communities for the purpose of:
  • Creating relationships and sharing gifts between congregations and leaders;
  • Worshipping, praying together, and welcoming each other to the Table as Christ has welcomed us;
  • Becoming an anti-racist, pro-reconciling church;
  • Equipping, shaping, and sending leaders, both lay and ordained;
  • Creating learning communities where we grow in faith and discipleship, including camps, conferences, retreats;
  • And making real God’s beloved community through education, witness, stewardship, advocacy, and action.
  1. To undergird congregational life within a certain geography by:
  • Nurturing, credentialing, ordaining, commissioning, and supporting ministers;
  • Assisting in Search and Call;
  • Providing Healthy Boundary and Anti-Racism Training for Clergy
  • Nurturing and Receiving New Churches
  • Accompanying stable and declining congregations and aiding those that decide to close
  • Resourcing and supporting vital and transforming congregations seeking to share God’s good news with a fresh voice and a new song
  • Providing guidance to congregations and pastors in times of transition and trouble
  • Celebrating congregational milestones and life.