Outdoor Ministries Chair
Paula Foster

Currently focusing on Summer Camps, our camp staff and volunteers are excited to provide an opportunity for lifelong memories for children and youth in the Northern Lights Region.

The Outdoor Ministries Committee is excited about the upcoming summer camp season. The curriculum that has been chosen for camps at both Cane Ridge West and Gwinwood is called “What’s In A Name?”

The following have been asked and have accepted being directors for the summer of 2022:

  • GMPK Camp (CRW) – LeAnn Budeski
  • Younger Kids Camp (CRW) – Mathew Goodrich
  • Older Kids Camp (CRW) – David Carringer
  • Younger Kids Camp (Gwinwood) – Leah Stettler-Shug
  • Older Kids Camp/Overall Camp (Gwinwood) – Stephen Gumber

The current Outdoors Ministries Team consists of:

  • Paula Foster (chairperson)
  • Mathew Goodrich
  • Ellie Leech
  • Stephen Gumber
  • Chris Snow
  • Rochelle Richards
  • David Carringer
  • Leah Stetler-Shug
  • Brenton Nundahl
  • Kami Voliva

Outdoor Ministry – Camp Policy Documents